Ethan is a worship leader, pastor, and creative, dedicated to seeing revival and reformation of the world through the presence of God.


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Ethan was born and raised in Orrville, Ohio. Raised in church, he encountered his first experiences with music. He spent countless days and nights with his mother, who was the local music minister, Ethan ran rampant throughout the building keeping himself entertained with whatever means necessary, usually a piano or an organ. At age six he started piano lessons, which became the breeding ground for creation and discovery. His practices were rarely in-line with what his teacher advised, rather his ever active mind began composing original melodies and arranging chord progressions. Through the years this natural ability only increased, and it was hard to find Ethan not playing the piano whenever and wherever he could. In his teen years, Ethan began singing in the school choir and in his denomination’s traveling youth choir. Soon he was asked to help lead his school’s chapel worship team, where he started off playing the drums but quickly moved into leading worship.


Untitled8Despite this amazing spiritual opportunity, Ethan was still connecting the dots of his personal relationship with the Lord. His worship leading was done mostly out of selfishness and a need for affirmation. Something most youth tend to find themselves searching for. This lead to a resentment of worship music. Ethan found himself not believing nor trusting its power to engage people with the living God.


Straying farther away from the Lord during his Junior year, Ethan dove deeper into self-absorption. An unhealthy relationship began and more negative opportunities arose. After a night of drinking with some friends, Ethan found his way to a night of worship at his local church. Distraught and frustrated, he began analyzing the scene of worship from the back of the room. He was convinced that the music and lyrics were only tools of false ecstasy and comfort for those in the room. Beyond frustrated Ethan began speaking to God saying, “If You are real, and Moses gets to see You and David gets to know You, then I want to see You and know You. I’m a man just like them!”


DSC_6602-084 webNot even a second later, Ethan was overcome with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and encountered the depth of the Father’s love and weightiness of His glory. After two hours on the floor under the presence of God, Ethan came to in an almost empty sanctuary with the sound of vacuum cleaners running. He had become completely undone by the Person of God rather than the songs about Him. From that day Ethan committed his life to pursuing the presence of God and helping others find the Lord in that way.


Shortly after this encounter God opened the door for Ethan to lead worship on staff at Richmond Heights Church of the Nazarene, located on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. He served there for four years while also attending the College of Wooster where he received a Bachelors of Music in 2014.


Currently, Ethan serves as worship director for Bethel Cleveland and leads in many other capacities itinerantly as well.



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